River Rafting

There is no doubt that due the vast variation of altitude from 70 m to - 8848 m in a distance of less than 200 km, Nepal has been blessed with numerous fast running rivers that gush down from the Himalayas cutting through mountains and carving deep gorges on their way to the lowland plains. Many of these rivers are ideal for rafting and some are considered the world's finest. There are endless, dramatic white water Mountain Rivers in Nepal which offer excellent rafting opportunities. These pleasures are enhanced by an even greater thrill - running through powerful, fast-flowing rapids.

White water river rafting in Nepal is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways for you to explore the more remote rural areas, observing the different ways of life, cultures and natural environments and meeting a much wider variety of village people than the conventional travelers' is able to meet. Nowhere are these voyages of exploration and rafting adventures better experienced than in Nepal on these magnificent white-water rivers as they surge through a spectacular land of dramatic contrasts supporting an amazing variety of flora and fauna and interlaced with a myriad of centuries-old cultures.